Christmas Light Tours & Party Buses


Christmas season brings about the festivities and fun to our lives. There is nothing better than relaxing with your friends and family in one of our Global Limos and go for a twinkling Christmas Light Tour on a limo or party bus.

“We organize custom Christmas light tours for our customers in our Party Buses and Limos, said Moe Singh, manager of “Our customers can sip on peppermint schnapps while enjoying the comfort of being with their family,” added Singh.

Global limos arranges these Christmas light tours in cities like NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Sacramento, Birmingham AL and many other metropolitan cities alike. Customers can get online rates and do easy booking for Party Bus Services and Limo Rentals.

The customers can either visit our site or call us at 1-800-985-4002 to discuss the options of these customized Christmas light tours in limos, sedans, or party buses.


Mercedes S550 Plug In Hybrid


Mercedes S550 Plug in Hybrid – The best you could ask for is already here

Yes, the best of Mercedes is finally here in the US, The Mercedes S550 Plug in Hybrid has been living up to its expectations ever since it was launched. Global Limos did extensive study to inform our customers about this car, from livery and from owning this car’s perspective. The reviews are positive and sometimes mixed with hope for little more possibility. But, in the present form of its availability, it seems to lack nothing – it’s got the comfort, extra convenience and high-end safety technology.

The first impression that differentiates Mercedes S550 Plug in Hybrid from the other similar automobiles is the transition between the power modes and the impeccable way the engine operates. The switching on and off experience is so very different, it’s an unnoticeable design and technology sophistication.

This model of Plug in Hybrid Mercedes comes with ‘four different driving modes’. They are as follows –

  1. Electric-Hybrid-Operation Mode
  2. Ultra-Energy-Saving Mode
  3. E-Save Mode (Battery Conservation)
  4. Sport Mode for Aggressive Driving

These different driving modes indicate different user experiences and give more freedom of switching between the preferred modes. The transition experience is also very unique and different; one could simply call it pretty smooth and subtle. The core features are more exciting, each one of it symbolizes luxury and ultimate comforts. Its features simply reflect the best minds going into design thinking and technology application.

Let’s figure out what’s more unique and exciting about the Mercedes S550 Plug in Hybrid.

  • Powered by Mercedes Twin-Turbo V6
  • Consumes less fuel even in comparison with a V8 powered car
  • Runs on electric or engine power or both – The Hybrid Advantage
  • Regenerative advanced breaking system
  • Elegant interior design
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Electrically powered roof, heated and cooled seats
  • Four door smart car resemblance

These unique features have virtually redefined the idea of a smart car within the scope of automobile innovation. The best thing to look forward is a luxury drive which can’t be compared with many other cars. There are very few options that can match up with what this Hybrid car could offer and it is only sufficient to say that it’s an all inclusive luxury car with more comforts than one could ask for.

If you are tempted to go on a drive at the earliest, you can approach Global Limos, one of the top rated Exotic Limo providers. Right now Global Limos smart hire services for Mercedes S550 Plug in Hybrid are available through our Chicago limo services and also in Los Angeles.

Firework Fun in Washington DC

Washington DC’s 4th of July Fun

The heart of this country celebration will be in the heart of this country. Washington DC is our nation’s capital, and is going to be one of the greatest places to celebrate our country’s birth. With firework displays all over the city and parties that commemorate our country’s birth in more places than we can count, you can call Global Limos and we will arrange for all the rides that you might need.

With something for everyone, Washington DC offers a unique look at our Nation’s birthday.

The National Mall fireworks display is going to be one of the biggest displays in the nation. Really being an all-day party, the National Mall is going to be open from 10 AM for all visitors who want to enjoy our Nation’s birth day. The fireworks finally begin after gets dark and it is one of the best places to be for the front row look at Fire Works Show.

The Washington DC Independence Day Parade is going to be one of the other celebrations of our Nation’s birth happening in our capital. It’s going to be an all-day event and it is going to begin at 1145 from Constitution Ave. and 7th Street. To get here in comfort and not worry about parking call Global Limos for an arranged ride of your life. Go all-out in celebrating our Nation’s birth, it only happens once a year.

Fourth of July the National Archive is another very unique way of celebrating a nations birth. The matter how you look at it, to celebrate our nation’s birth with the paper that founded our nation is going to be spectacular for any history buff. You can stay here enjoy the festivities and the parties and have a wonderful view of the fireworks display at the National Mall.

Capital Fourth Concert is the place to be however if you are into a party. With performances from the National Symphony and bands from our military, as well as dozens of pop artists with fireworks displays throughout, this is definitely going to be the party of all parties. Though this concert will be broadcast live, to be here and enjoy it firsthand is quite a different experience. Make sure that you get the best seats, as well as have a great ride to and from the concert.

No matter how you’re going to celebrate our nation’s birth, there’ll always be something to do in our nation’s capital. We hope that you enjoy yourselves and celebrate with patriotism and honor and plenty of fun. If you need a ride call Global Limos and we will arrange everything for you.

Sports Bars in NYC In the good old days

Sports Bars in NYC

In the good old days we all had villages, and every village had its own little militia, and we periodically went out to battle just to prove our superiority. But that was back then. Nowadays we are more sophisticated. In every city we have a select few who are our “warriors.” The select few who go out on the fields of glory and defend the honor of our hometown.

When my talking up? Sports teams obviously. In the good old days we all unite around our village being the best, the strongest, smartest, fastest. Nowadays we can’t go around clobbering each other, so we need to find some substitutes. Out of this, sports teams naturally rose.
Since sports teams give us community and communal feelings, we really need to enjoy them as a community. As a result there’s only a few good ways of enjoying any sporting event. Whether it be the World Cup, where we cheer on the US team and jeer every other country on the planet. Or if it’s any level of professional or amateur sport. Whatever we choose to enjoy, whatever we choose as the representative for our village, we have to do that in a community setting. What better place to do our cheering and jeering than the local sports bar.

In New York City there is an abundance of choices when it comes to enjoying the game and a group of friends. No matter what corner of the five boroughs you are in, Global Limos can get you there in style. Here are just a few options from which you can choose.

Brother Jimmy’s
Brother Jimmy’s is one of the most iconic, and over-the-top sports bars anywhere in New York City. The only about Brother Jimmy’s that we can complain about is that it’s not a mom and pops. On the other hand the successful chain is wonderful for enjoying the game.
With a great selection of drink and food, any of the locations will allow you to complement the game and cheer for whatever team is closest to your heart. The atmosphere created at Brother Jimmy’s is very unique just because all the staff are as into the games as the patrons. Call global limos and will make sure you get to and from any of their locations safely.

This is definitely one of the more unique sports bars anywhere in New York City. Situated in a really tight space, Standings, much like its name indicates, is standing room only. This place is always jam-packed, but that’s just fine since the community will cheer communally for any team that’s on the big screen. On any of the eight screens in fact. With great selection of drinks, and great food just round the corner, standings is a great place to enjoy the game as a village. Call Global Limos to get here in style and comfort, as well as get home safely.

The Keg and Lantern
The sophisticated foodies, Global Limos can drive you to The Keg and Lantern. This upscale eatery is one of the best places to enjoy any sport event. So chow down on starters like deviled eggs, and chase them down with the beer and burger as you enjoy any game on the big screen. Enjoy not just the game but also the experience, when you eat well, drink well, and cheer well no matter how long the game is.

Whatever the occasion whatever the destination, Global Limos will make it happen. Give us a call and we’ll get you there. Visit our website at

Lincoln Town Car & MKT Livery Service

Town Car Limousine Service


Enjoy the company of your loved ones on your next trip with Town Car limousine service by The trust of the legendary town car in the classic limo version can definitely amaze you. This magnificent limo has all the features, amenities and technologies to make your travel impeccable. Our staff will ensure youthe most reliable limousine service. We provide high-class services that can definitely fulfill your requirements. This service can make your travel comfortable and memorable. With us, you can easily rent this limo for your travel pleasure and comfort. We are here to take away all the hassles of finding the best limo and renting it for tours and travels.

Overview of Town Car Limousine Service

When it comes to the stylish ride, then Lincoln limo is the first choice of many people. It is preferred for all types of tours and travels due to its impeccable exterior and interior. However, it is mostly recommended for the airport transportation due to its sophisticated exterior look. If you want to impress your client or business delegates, then this limo can serve you in the best way. You can rent this automobile for transportation to the posh venues for weddings, birthday parties, proms-formals, birthday parties and bachelor-bachelorettes. This limo is also an ideal vehicle for the wine tours, night outs, casino trips, and sports tours with friends or family members.

Features of Lincoln Car Limousine

This amazing limousine has all the features and amenities that can make your travel enjoyable. The innovative technologies of this limo can provide superior performance on all types of terrains. Thus, it will ensure the best comfort and performance on hilly terrains or local commute. The Louis Vuitton interior theme of the limo can provide enchanting ambiance for the passengers. The leather seats and spacious interior guarantee an adequate leg room and shoulder room. Below are some exciting features of this limo that can transform any trip into the most memorable one.

  • Flat Screen TVs

  • Surround Sound Audio System

  • DVD Player

  • iPod hookups

  • Lighted Bars

For your optimum travel comfort and convenience, we choose polite and professional chauffeurs to take you to the desired destinations. Our chauffeurs are efficient to give the royal treatment to the passengers. They also have knowledge about the local area to assist you in the best way. Whether you want to go to the best hotel, restaurant or night club, our chauffeurs can help you find the best one. Give us a call to avail the Lincoln Town Car Sedan Service and enjoy your weekend or vacation trip in the most stylish way.

Wedding Limos & Party Buses


Wedding Limo Service

Wedding Limo Service by Global Limos

The exclusive wedding limo service by Global Limos can make the most important day of your life memorable. A getaway vehicle for the bride and groom is an important part of weddings. While planning a wedding, it is always wise to book or rent the appropriate vehicle for the transportation to avoid the last minute hassles. Limos are always the favorite vehicles for the weddings due to their spectacular look. With this reliable and esteem company, you can easily get the best limo that can serve as a getaway vehicle or for the wedding transportation. They have a huge collection of limousines that can truly amaze you due to their spectacular looks and features. In addition, they choose professional chauffeurs that are trained to provide VIP service to the passengers. You can always expect the best services from this company.

Limousines Offered for Weddings

This company is trusted by many people for arranging the best limousine for the wedding transportation. They have a huge collection of luxurious and classy limousines that can definitely fulfill your requirement. Their limo collection includes the American legendary Lincoln stretch limousine, Hummer limousine, Rolls limousine, Chrysler 300 Stretch limousine and Range Rover Stretch limousine. Entering in the weddings venues in any of these limousines can certainly bring the attentions of many people. These limousines can easily accommodate up to six to eight passengers. In addition, these limousines have classy interior and exterior to complement the occasion or nature of travel.

Features of Limousines

Elegant look is not the only thing that makes the limousines a perfect automobile for weddings. The limousines available through this company has a lavish two-tone interior theme with the leather seats and enchanting lighting ceiling to provide the impeccable ambiance for the passengers. The specially designed seats provide adequate leg room, hip room and shoulder room. You will find many other features and amenities in these limos that can definitely please you. Some of the best features of these limousines are listed below.

  • LED TVs

  • Karaoke Machines

  • PlayStation 3

  • DVD Player

  • Surround Sound Audio System

  • Lighted Bars

  • iPod hookups

  • Champagne Flute Holders

Now you can easily rent the best limousine for the weddings without much hassle. Since, they provide their services in all the major cities of the United States of America such as Los Angeles, Cleveland, Reno, Dallas, Sacramento, Virginia Beach, Colorado Springs and so many other. Avail the wedding limo service by Global limos to make your wedding spectacular and memorable.


Global Limos Launches its service in Las Vegas

Limousine and Party Bus Service for Las Vegas


Las Vegas- The City Where Fun Never Stops

Get ready to spend the lavish vacation with party bus service for Las Vegas by Global limos. This service is specially formulated for those people who truly want to enjoy their leisure time in a royal style. By availing this service, you can eliminate the hassles of finding and booking a right vehicle for commute. This company has world-class vehicles that can make your entrance in a casino or hotel impressive and spectacular.

Main Attractions and Things To Do In Las Vegas

This city is home to luxurious casinos and hotels. If you are feeling lucky, then this is the place to visit with your friends. You will find many museums and parks in this city that you can visit for spending quality time. This amazing city is known for the remarkable nightlife and entertainment options. You can rent a limousine or party bus for the night outs with your friend. The renowned Bellagio and Plaza Hotel are the best hotels in the city that offer top-class accommodation facilities. You can visit Texas de Brazil and Brio Tuscan Grille for enjoying delicious cuisines. For organizing weddings, birthday parties, proms-formals and bachelor-bachelorettes, the Springs Preserve and Chapel of the Flowers are the best venues in the city. To make your travel comfortable, Global Limoscan arrange best limousines or exotic cars. You can also choose their services such as Casino trips, Airport Transportation, Wine Tours, Sports trips and Night Outs for the unique travel experience. This company also provides pickups and drop-offs facilities for the additional benefits.

Below are some of the most recommended attractions in the city that you must visit.

  • Dig This

  • World Class Driving

  • Bellagio Fountains

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

  • Vegas Extreme Skydiving

  • Battlefield Vegas

  • Le Reve

Fleet Offered for Las Vegas

You can make your trip luxurious by renting the stylish and classy limousines through this company. They have the best limousines such as Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine, Hummer Limousine and Rolls Limousine. These limousines are packed with the amazing features to complement your party mood. The seats are designed specifically to provide optimum legroom, shoulder room and hip room for the comfort.

This company is also efficient in arranging the best party bus in Las Vegas, the sin city, for the transportation of a large group of 20 to 40 passengers. Their party buses are customized to provide the enchanting ambiance for the passengers. The interior of these party buses looks like a VIP lounge where you can party with your friends. You can also book an exotic car through this company. Some of their top-class exotic cars are Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo and Rolls Royce Phantom. Entering in any venue in any of these vehicles can get you much attention. Enjoy your trip in the way you want and leave your transportation-related worries to Global Limos. For latest updates on fleet and their services visit Global Limos’ Facebook page.

Chicago Limo and Party Bus Services by Global Limos

Rent 2015 Mercedes S class in Chicago

Rent 2015 Mercedes S class in Chicago

Limousine and Party Bus Service for Chicago

Chicago- The Windy City

Best comfort and travel experience is guaranteed with the limousine service for Chicago, IL through Global Limos website. This beautiful city has a lot to offer to the visitors. Whether you are visiting this city for pleasure or business, you will definitely need an appropriate ride to make your travel comfortable. Global limos has made it easy for the travelers to book the vehicles for the tours and travels. They will prove their excellence by assisting many customers in finding and renting the best vehicle. With this company, you never have to compromise the travel comfort.

Main Attractions & Things To Do In Chicago

If you want to enjoy every moment of your leisure time, then visiting this city is a great idea. The city is known for numerous things such as incredible skyscrapers, architecture, culture, landscapes and sceneries. If you want to spend quality time with the young ones, then you can visit Aquariums, Zoos and Amusement Parks. The city has many landmarks and museums that exhibit the history. You can visit the theaters, nightclubs, lounges and bars to spend fun-filled moments with your friends. Availability of world-class hotels like Omni Chicago Hotel and Hotel Sax Chicago provide best accommodation facilities. Park Grill and Girl & the Goat are some of the recommended hotels in the city that have great dining facilities and cuisines to satisfy your palate. The city also has great venues such as The Rookery Building and Millennium Park for organizing corporate events, birthday parties, weddings and bachelor-bachelorettes. For your travel convenience, Global Limos website can arrange the best vehicle for your travel. They offer exclusive and custom services like Airport Transportation, Wine tours, Casino trips, Night Outs and Sports trips to make your travel memorable. Below are some of the best places in the city that you must visit.

  • Art Institute of Chicago

  • Million Dollar Quartet

  • Cloud Gate

  • Lake Michigan

  • Millennium Park

  • Museum of Science and Industry

  • Richard H. Driehaus Museum

Fleet Offered for Chicago

This company offers ultra-luxury vehicles through their affiliates such as limousines to make your travel comfortable and memorable. They can arrange some of the best limos such as Chrysler 300 Stretch Limo, Lincoln Stretch Limo and Range Rover Stretch Limo for tours and travels. These limousines have impeccable exterior and an interior that can provide a royal feel. You will find many features in these limos that ensure superior comfort for the passengers. Check out their Pinterest page for the updated pictures of their Chicago Limos and Party Buses

The party buses are one of the best vehicles for the transportation of a large group. This company can arrange custom built party buses that have a stunning interior to make your travel luxurious. These party buses can accommodate 20 to 40 passengers. Their collection of exotic cars includes renowned Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Rolls Royce Phantom. To ensure the optimum safety and security of the passengers, they use vehicles from the top rated vendors. With Chicago Limo and Party Bus Service by Global Limos, you can always get the best travel experience.

Global Limos announces limo and bus service in Miami, FL

 Limousine Service for Miami, FL

Hummer Limo Rental in Miami by Global Limos

Hummer Limo Rental in Miami by Global Limos

MiamiMagical City for the Travelers 

Fulfill your dream of spending a lavish vacation without compromising your comfort by choosing the limousine service for Miami by Global Limos. This company is one of the best premium limousine service providers who guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You can trust in this company for arranging the best vehicle for your travel and trip. Most of the provider offer substandard services, but this company can always provide you excellent services. Some of the best services available through this company are casino tours, wine tours, night outs, airport transportation and transportation to posh venues for weddings, birthday parties and bachelor-bachelorettes.

Main Attractions & Things To Do In Miami

Miami is truly an enchanting place to spend your leisure time. It has many options for entertainment, fun and adventure. You can take your kids to the Zoos, Aquariums and Amusement Parks for the fun. You can visit museums, art galleries and landmarks to learn about the culture and history of the city. This city has best hotels such as Hilton Miami Downtown and The Westin Colonnade Coral Gables for accommodation. You can visit Joe’s Stone Crab and Le Bouchon Du Grove for enjoying the delicious cuisines. The O Cinema Wynwood and The Moore Building are the incredible venues in the city for weddings, birthday parties, proms-formals and bachelor-bachelorettes. Global Limos can arrange the best limo or exotic car for the transportation to the venues or local commute. Some of the best attractions in the city that you must visit are:

  • Zoological Wildlife Foundation

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

  • Arcade Odyssey

  • American Airlines Arena

  • Marlins Ballpark

  • Zoo Miami

  • Gusman Center for the Performing Arts

Fleet Offered for Miami

For spending the lavish vacation, you need a luxurious automobile for your transportation. Limousines can easily fulfill your requirement. This company can arrange the best limousines such as Lincoln Stretch Limousine, Rolls Limousine and Hummer Limo Rental by Global Limos for your travel. These limousines are ideal for 6 to 8 passengers. The interior of these limousines is exquisite with leather seats provide the enchanting ambience for the passengers. These limousines are incorporated with the latest technologies and features to make your travel enjoyable and pleasurable.

If you are looking for the best comfort for a large group of 20 to 40 passengers, then party bus is an ideal choice. You can easily book the best party bus for the travel convenience for you and your friends or family members. Party buses available through this company are custom built to ensure the best comfort for the passengers. If you want a stylish and classy ride, then exotic cars are the best option. This company can arrange some of the best automobiles known to the humans such as Range Rover SUV, Bentley Flying Spur and Mercedes Benz S500. Travelling in any of these limousines can make your presence felt by others. If you are planning for a weekend trip or vacation trip to Miami, then visit


Anniversary Limo Rental Service

Spice up the anniversary celebration with the premium Anniversary limo rental service by Whether you are celebrating the anniversary of the day you met or a wedding, you can make it memorable by taking a trip to the fabulous place. You can also ask your friends to accompany you to join you and your partner in the trip for fun and enjoyment. can take care of the arrangements of the best vehicles for making your trip people. This is one of the best companies that always offer the best services and complete satisfaction to the customers. Their vehicles are well-maintained and checked regularly to ensure the safe ride.

Whatever the occasion is, limousines are always the best automobiles for tours and travels. This company has a vast range of magnificent limos that can make your anniversary celebration exclusive and memorable. Their limo fleet includes Lincoln stretch limo, which is a customized version of the legendary town car. Some other limos that can be booked through this company are Chrysler 300 stretch limo, Rolls limo, Hummer limo, Escalade limo and Range Rover stretch limo. These limousines have an immense reputation in the automobile industry due to their classy look and innovative technologies.

Arriving at any posh night clubs, lounge and venues in any of these limousines can get you much attention and VIP treatment. The exterior body shape of these limousines offersa sophisticated and lavish look. The interior of these limos hasan enchanting theme that ensures impeccable ambiance for the passengers. You will find many features in the limousines that can make your anniversary tour comfortable and luxurious. To complement your party mood, these limousines are equipped with the powerful surround sound system with DVD player, iPod hookups, Flat Screen TVs, roof lighting, wet bars. These limousines also have a privacy divider so that you can spend quality time with your that someone special.

You can sit back and relax in these limousines, while their chauffeur can take you to the desired location or destination. Their chauffeurs are licensed professionals who have years of experience in driving limousines. They are specifically trained by this company to provide the high-quality services to the passengers. Their chauffeurs are efficient to make sure that the passengers experience the royal feel and comfort. For the assistance during trip, you can ask the chauffeurs as they have knowledge about the local areas. You can never find this type of elite service anywhere. Avail Anniversary limo rental service by to celebrate your special day in the stylish way.